Podcast: GAMM, the Juniors, and GAMMAS

Creating public awareness for science in general but also scientific methods, results, and organizations is an essential task in our current society. We were therefore very excited when we got invited by the Modellansatz podcast to talk about the GAMM Juniors and our newly founded research journal GAMMAS. Thus, in May 2019, we, that is the GAMM Juniors Kerstin Lux and Benjamin Unger, met with Gudrun Thäter from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technolog, who records the pod-cast together with her colleague Sebastian Ritterbusch.

The Modellansatz Podcast tells stories about how mathematics, and more generally natural sciences, enter our everyday life, thereby targeting a broad, and also non-specialist audience. It sheds light on current research topics but also on the personal perspective of individual researchers. Although mathematics is usually associated with lots of formulas, the Modellansatz Podcast offers a different path to dive into scientific mathematics by individual stories of the researchers themselves. For more details about the podcast, we recommend to visit the info page of the podcast.

For us, this was the first time to record an audio podcast, and we were both excited and a bit nervous as well. After everybody was equipped with a microphone, Gudrun Thäter started the recording, and the podcast quickly turned into a conversation about the GAMM, the GAMM Juniors, GAMMAS, and our research interests. After the initial excitement, it felt similar to a coffee break talk, which we are used to from various conferences. For more details about the episode, we recommend to listen to the actual podcast. We thank Gudrun Thäter for inviting us and the friendly atmosphere she created.

Podcast episode: http://www.math.kit.edu/ianm4/seite/ma-gamm-juniors/de

Kerstin Lux, Benjamin Unger