About us

GAMM Juniors are young researchers and members of the GAMM, who are characterized by an excellent diploma/master and/or PhD thesis in the fields of Applied Mathematics or Mechanics.

In each year, for a duration of 3 years, up to 10 new GAMM Juniors are selected. During the time as GAMM Junior, the GAMM membership fees are waived. After 3 years, the membership as GAMM Junior is terminated automatically. By this means, it is guaranteed that young researchers obtain an additional financial and moral support in their academic research starting time, that they transfer their knowledge to the next generations of GAMM Juniors and that they pass the organisation of the group to them.


The local GAMM representatives send a maximum of two nominations for the Juniors to the GAMM office (gamm@mailbox.tu-dresden.de) by June 15, every year.

Please submit a resume for each nomination and an assessment of a maximum of 2 pages each. A self-application is not possible.

As GAMM Juniors, candidates can be selected, who graduated with exceptional achievements in their diploma/master and/or PhD thesis in the field of Applied Mathematics or Mechanics, and who are younger than 32 years at 15 June of the appropriate year. The PhD thesis should not be older than 2 years. Deviations from this time frame as a consequence of inactive periods due to sickness or maternity leaves will be taken into account. The GAMM aims at a well-balanced representation of the two fields Applied Mathematics and Mechanics among the GAMM Juniors as well as at a well-balanced gender distribution. Therefore the local GAMM representatives are encouraged to pay attention to these aspects proposing nominations.

The selection of the GAMM juniors is made by the GAMM Junior Selection Committee, whose current members can be found on the website Electoral Committees and Boards.


GAMM Juniors are representatives of the young scientific generation in the fields of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics who represent these scientific fields within the academic research and the society.

With the constitution of the GAMM Juniors, three main objectives are pursued:

  • First, the GAMM Juniors contribute to the structural and ideational juvenescence of the GAMM by their voice.
  • Second, the young researchers’ self-organised scientific networking and autonomy are encouraged in the first years after the end of their academic education.
  • Third, the further enhancement of the interdisciplinarity between both scientific fields, which are equally represented, will lead to an intensification of the knowledge transfer between Applied Mathematics and Mechanics.