YAMM Lunch

Information about the YAMM Lunch at the GAMM Annual Meeting 2024 in Magdeburg will follow shortly on this page.

What is the YAMM Lunch?

The lunch usually starts with a short opening by the organizers, who introduce all experts briefly. Afterwards, intensive discussions among participants and experts emerge. In the previous years, no specific topic was selected in advance, thus, discussions are free to evolve about various topics, such as general experiences in science, career strategies, as well as challenges in academia, e.g. finding a good balance between work in science and private life. In the previous years, the interest of participants in the YAMM lunch was very high, i.e. all available tickets for the lunch had been sold out rapidly.

The GAMM Juniors would like to thank all experts taking part in past events, sharing their personal experiences and giving valuable advice, thus contributing to the success of the events. Many thanks of the GAMM Juniors are also addressed to the local organizing committees for their support during the organization of the YAMM.