GAMM Juniors Summer Schools (SAMM)

Every year the GAMM Juniors organize a School on Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (SAMM) dedicated to a special topic. The aim is to give an introduction to recent developments in fields of interest in the GAMM.

All previous SAMMs are listed below.

  • SAMM 2024: Uncertainty Quantification, Stochastic Partial Differential Equations and Risk Analysis (Zurich)
  • SAMM 2023: Scientific Machine Learning (Hanover)
  • SAMM 2021: Shape and Topology Optimization (Graz)
  • SAMM 2020: Learning Models from Data (Magdeburg)
  • SAMM 2019: Space-time FEMs for parabolic and hyperbolic conservation laws (Hanover)
  • SAMM 2017: Bayesian Inference: Probabilistic Learning from Data (Braunschweig)
  • SAMM 2016: Geometric Methods in Multi-Body and Structural Dynamics (Grimma)
  • SAMM 2016: Energy Based Modeling, Simulation, and Control of Complex Physical Systems (Berlin)
  • SAMM 2015: Materials with Discontinuities (Stuttgart)
  • SAMM 2014: Differential-Algebraic Equations (Elgersburg)