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GAMM Student Chapter Science Slam

The first GAMM Student Chapter Science Slam took place in Hannover on 30th June 2023. The aim of the event was to promote the exchange and interconnection between the GAMM Student Chapter groups of Bochum, Hamburg and Hannover and give especially young academics an opportunity to present their research in a more casual scope. For that purpose, a single day event was held at the Leibniz University Hannover.

After a joint lunch and the opening, the program started with a keynote talk from industry. Dr.-Ing. Fabian Welschinger (Senior Expert) and Kevin Heiner (Human Resources) presented their employer, the Robert Bosch GmbH. The talk included a Q&A session, Fabian Welschinger highlighting important decisions in his career at the company and Kevin Heiner discussing the importance of different career management skills in a videogame-inspired style.

Following the keynote talk, ten speakers from the different Student Chapter groups presented topics in the fields of material modeling, speed-up of simulations, applied mathematics and biomechanics. Albeit the varying scientific background of the audience, all speakers successfully managed to give an insight into their research. To stay true to the idea of a Science Slam, some talks included jokes, memes, and even a rhyme. In the afternoon, the social program of the event began with a visit to Herrenhausen Gardens. Following this, we had joint dinner in a local restaurant, before the groups returned home.

We would like to thank the GAMM for the financial support of the Student Chapters, making this event possible. Furthermore, we would like to thank Dr. Fabian Welschinger and Kevin Heiner from Robert Bosch GmbH, all the speakers and the local organizers for their valuable contributions to the event.

Mischa Blaszczyk, Christoph Böhm, Hendrik Geisler, Katharina Klioba

SAMM 2023: Scientific Machine Learning

The GAMM Juniors organize the 8th Summer Schools on Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (SAMM), which will take place from 31.07.2023 to 04.08.2023 at Leibniz University Hannover. Under the topic “Scientific Machine Learning”, the school will host lectures from established speakers as well as live coding sessions. The registration is now open and can be found on this site, where also all further information regarding the event is listed. We invite everyone interested in the topic to register now, as the number of participants is limited.

Fall Meeting Braunschweig 2022

In 2022, the major annual event of the GAMM Juniors, the fall meeting, took place in Braunschweig from the 19.09. to 21.09. and was organized by Philip Saltenberger, the second deputy speaker of the GAMM Juniors. The three days were used to get to know each other, especially the new members, present our research, listen to talks and plan future events and activities. Furthermore, group activities and mutual dinners were a nice way to promote group affiliation.

The meeting started on Monday with a video message from Merten Stender, the first deputy speaker of the GAMM, thanking all members for the great work of the last years, making the previous events and activities possible. Additionally, he welcomed the new members. After that, four scientific talks were held by GAMM Juniors, presenting their research to the other members. Following a coffee break, activity reports started. Here, the continuation of currently very successful projects (e.g. PreGAMM, YAMM Lunch etc.) was discussed. Furthermore, new projects were presented, which will start in 2023.

The next two days were used to discuss further topics. Here, especially the new projects “Mentoring program” and “Science communication” were discussed and planned extensively. Another team had the task of collecting possible improvements for the homepage of the GAMM Juniors. After mutual lunch, we listened to two interesting talks regarding working and teaching in academia. The afternoon of the second day was used for the social program. For that purpose, we left campus and took a common boat tour on the Oker, the river flowing around the city centre of Braunschweig. Here, our boatman showed us different sights of the city with a lot of interesting background stories. Finally, we ended the day with mutual dinner. On Wednesday, a final group discussion took place.

On behalf of all members, we once again thank Philip Saltenberger for organizing the event and for the great time we had in Braunschweig.

Mischa Blaszczyk