Philipp Vieweg

Philipp Vieweg started his academic career by studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Hof. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in 2018, he decided to switch to more fundamental studies and graduated with a Master’s degree in Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics from University of Technology Ilmenau in 2020. Trapped in the basin of attraction of Theoretical and Numerical Fluid Mechanics, he successfully completed his PhD in July 2023 at the same place under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Jörg Schumacher.

Since then, he has actively been contributing as a post-doctoral scientist within the Fluid Mechanics Group.

His research is mainly located in the field of Computational Physics and motivated by geo- and astrophysical applications such as the Earth’s atmosphere or the solar convection zone. In more detail, he utilises Direct Numerical Simulations (in some cases on more than 130,000 CPUs) of Rayleigh-Bénard convection to identify the mechanisms that lead to the formation of horizontally extended long-living flow structures, the latter of which are superimposed to chaotic turbulence on smaller scales. This comprises for instance the analysis of the leading Lyapunov vector, the identification of (inverse) cascades, as well as the advection of Lagrangian particles and the evaluation of their trajectories’ coherence using Unsupervised Machine Learning.

Given the perpetual changes in climate, the interdisciplinarity of his research is more in demand than ever. He thus collaborates internationally with both theorists and experimentalists.