Márton Petö

Márton studied Mechanical Engineering at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, where he developed an interest for computational mechanics early on, and completed his master’s degree while working on different projects as a student research assistant.

He began his PhD in 2019 under the supervision by Prof. Daniel Juhre and Dr. Sascha Eisenträger. In 2021, he received a DAAD scholarship for international research at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

In his research, Márton is mainly focused on immersed boundary methods, such as the finite cell method (FCM), which enables an efficient and accurate simulation of geometrically complex problems by an unfitted geometry discretization and higher-order Ansatz spaces. He has developed various approaches for improved numerical computation of the discontinuous integrals arising in these methods, that can be deployed, e.g., for nonlinear analysis of 3D structures and multi-material problems. In the latter case, the integration scheme incorporates an appropriate local enrichment of the approximation space to handle immersed material interfaces. His recent research topic is concerned with efficient code verification techniques for immersed boundary simulations of linear, non-linear, steady-state, and transient problems of structural mechanics.