Elissa Eggenweiler

Elissa Eggenweiler studied mathematics and biology at the University of Stuttgart and Hohenheim. She received her first state examination degree in 2018.

Instead of pursuing a career as a high school teacher after completing her studies, she embarked on a research journey towards a PhD under the supervision of PD Dr. Iryna Rybak at the University of Stuttgart. She successfully completed her PhD in October 2022 and has been actively contributing as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Stuttgart since then.

Elissa’s research interests include modeling, analysis, and validation of coupled free-flow and porous-medium flow systems. For modeling purposes, physically consistent interface conditions to couple the free-flow and porous-medium flow models are required. Elissa possesses expertise in the field of homogenization and boundary layer theory for the development of such interface concepts. During her PhD project, she used these techniques to derive coupling conditions for flat interfaces between the free-flow and porous-medium domains. At the moment, she is working on the extension of these conditions to address curved fluid-porous interfaces.