Giuseppe Capobianco

Giuseppe Capobianco studied mechanical engineering at ETH Zurich. After his graduation in 2015, he started working as a research associate at the Institute for Nonlinear Mechanics of the University of Stuttgart. His research was concerned with the geometric mechanics of time-dependent finite-dimensional mechanical systems as well as with the development of novel numerical integration schemes for mechanical systems with frictional contact.

In 2021, he got his doctoral degree under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Remco I. Leine. Since 2021, Giuseppe Capobianco is Akademischer Rat at the Institute of Applied Dynamics of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg.

His main research topic is the simulation and optimal control of flexible multibody systems with (and without) frictional contact. Hereby, his interests range from the exploration of the theoretical foundations and the development of general methods, applicable to a large class of systems, to the design of tailor-made solutions for the analysis, simulation and control of specific real-world systems from, e.g., biomechanics or soft robotics.