Contribution to the GAMM-Rundbrief

In the edition 2/2012 of the GAMM-Rundbrief, a written contribution from the GAMM Juniors was published. The article introduces the GAMM Juniors to all the GAMM members.

GAMM-Juniors poster session

Prospectively, poster sessions are planned during each GAMM Annual Meeting. The poster sessions will especially address young researchers. Beside the possibility to present the own scientific work, the best poster will be honoured with a poster award by the GAMM Juniors. The first GAMM Juniors poster session is expected to take place in 2014 at the GAMM Annual Meeting in Nuremberg/ Erlangen. See also announcements.

Organisation of summer schools and workshops

In the next years, summer schools and workshops on interdisciplinary topics of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics are envisaged which address especially young researches. Young researchers (graduate students / doctoral students) can present their own scientific work and the contact between Applied Mathematics and Mechanics will be strengthened. For upcoming topics and deadlines, see Announcements.