What is the Pre-GAMM?
The Pre-GAMM is an event organized by the GAMM Juniors and intends to prepare researchers for the 92nd GAMM Annual Meeting with regard to core topics at GAMM and a soft skill seminar “how to conference”. This seminar targets especially first-time participants and early-career PhD-students.

Scientific Onboarding Events (virtual)

Tuesday, August 9 – Thursday, August 11

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https://tu VTBxZmE3NGIyS2tFUzB6c2ZGQTkrUT09
Meeting ID: 919 0106 6915, Passcode: PreGAMM22

This track is free to access for every researcher. Introductory courses to a wider range of topics will be given by mid-career researchers and plenary speakers of the GAMM Annual Meeting. No prerequisite knowledge is required as these courses are meant to onboard you to a topic outside your own scientific field.


August 9th
Prof. Dr. Eduard Feireisl
Oscillations in solutions to PDEs  
August 9th
Prof . Dr. Bai Xiang Xu
Basics of Phase field Modeling
August 9th
Assoc. Prof. Davide Palitta
An introduction to Krylov subspace methods
August 10th
Prof. Dr. Ing. Andrés Kecskeméthy
Applications of kinematics in fast multibody dynamics  
August 10th
Prof. Dr. rer . nat. Claus Dieter Munz
An introduction to compressible multiphase simulations
August 11th
Prof. Qian Wang
An introduction to Reduced Basis Method using Artificial Neural Networks  
August 11th
Dr. ir. Mathias Peirlinck
When Isaac Newton meets Thomas Bayes: Exploring synergies between physics based modelling and machine learning

Soft Skill Seminar
You have just started your PhD and it is your first GAMM annual meeting, or you simply have no conference experience so far? You want to be well prepared and make the best out of the upcoming week? We – the GAMM Juniors – invite you to take part in our Pre-GAMM event to discuss your questions on “How to conference?” with a board of excellent researchers ranging from Post-Docs to Professors! This soft skill seminar will take place on site as a panel discussion. The number of participants is limited to 30 participants on a first-come first-served basis.
Please register by sending an email to gamm.juniors[at], including a short statement about your current career stage, your affiliation, as well as questions that you find interesting and relevant.

August 15th
Soft skill seminar: How to Conference

Discussion and Q&A
Jun. Prof. Dr. Carmen Gräßle
Technical University Braunschweig – Institute for Partial Differential Equations
Dr.-Ing. Tobias Kaiser
Technical University Dortmund – Institute of Mechanics
Jun. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johanna Waimann
RWTH Aachen University – Institute of Applied Mechanics
Assoc. Prof. Alexander Heinlein
University of Stuttgart, Institute of Applied Analysis and Numerical Simulation