GAMM Juniors Activity Report

The GAMM Juniors were founded in 2012 to strengthen the voice of junior researchers and to support the rejuvenation of the Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik (GAMM). Since then, each year ten new Juniors are appointed for a three year period. The GAMM Juniors are active members in many boards and committees of the GAMM and organize and host various events specifically addressing the interests of junior researchers throughout the academic year, in particular during the time of the GAMM Annual Meeting.

We are proud to present the Activity Report of the GAMM Juniors, that highlights mosts the activities of the GAMM Juniors in the years 2012 until 2018.

Benjamin Unger

GAMM Archive for Students

After more than two years of preparation, the new open-access journal GAMM Archive for Students (GAMMAS) is now online and has published its first article: ‘A Resonance Tracking Approach from Adaptive Control‘ by Meike Gierig and Lars Flessing. The GAMM Juniors encourage excellent Bachelor and Master students to submit their research results to GAMMAS. We particularly emphasize that GAMMAS also publishes failures, i.e., methods and tools that do not work for specific problems. To ensure reproducibility of results, all authors are encouraged to submit source code used for simulations along with their manuscript.

During the setup phase, the GAMM Juniors discussed various conceptual detail such as the license type and the review mode and spend a lot of time to create the LaTeX template, the online journal systems, and many small details such as guidelines, the copyright notice, email templates, logos, and many other things. The first submission was used to optimize the journal process – giving the Juniors a new perspective about what is happening on the “other side” of a journal.

We strive to establish GAMMAS as a recognized journal for student research and are looking forward to new contributions. For more information about our journal or to read the article, please visit our homepage.

Dominik Kern, Benjamin Unger