Shahed Rezaei

Shahed Rezaei obtained his M.Sc. in Computational Mechanics from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in 2013. After graduation, he started his PhD studies under the supervision of Prof. Stefanie Reese at RWTH University of Aachen. In 2020 he defended his PhD thesis, which focuses on multiscale modelling of damage and fracture in nano-structured hard coatings. His work was funded by the DFG through SFB-TR-87.

From Sept. 2020, he started his postdoctoral career at Technical University of Darmstadt (TUDa) with Prof. Bai-Xiang Xu as a group leader for Energy Materials. His research interests are fracture mechanics, and multi-physics especially when it comes to battery materials. Moreover, he started research on data-driven approaches and machine learning in material mechanics.