Felix Diewald

Felix Diewald received his diploma in mechanical engineering at the TU Kaiserslautern in 2015. His diploma thesis describes the development of a FFT-FE multiscale approach for microstructured materials.

Since 2015 he is a PhD student at the Institute of Applied Mechanics, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Müller, TU Kaiserslautern. His research contributes to the DFG SFB 926 “Microscale Morphology of Component Surfaces” by developing a phase field model for the analysis of wetting phenomena on the microscale. One of the aspects he studies is how an equation of state that is based on molecular dynamics simulations can be included into the phase field method by the usage of hyper-dual numbers. A research stay with Prof. Kris van der Zee, University of Nottingham, UK allowed him a broader perspective on the subject. Furthermore, his research comprises the investigation of nanoporous gold structures as well as different FFT methods.