Marco De Paoli

Postdoctoral researcher, Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer, TU Wien.

I have been studying mechanical engineering at the University of Udine (Itay). I defended my Master thesis in 2013, after a period as visiting student at the Institute of Fluid Mechanics of Toulouse (IMFT). In 2014 I joint the Multiphase Flow Laboratory of Prof. Soldati, where I did the PhD in Fluid Mechanics. I have been visiting researcher at the Vienna University of Technology (where I am currently University Assistant).
During my master thesis, I worked on the improvement of stochastic models for Lagrangian particle tracking in LES flow fields, which represents a crucial problem in many industrial applications. During my PhD, my research interests focused mainly on flow in porous media, with implications for CO2 sequestration processes. I investigated numerically the behavior of miscible and immiscible fluids in satured porous media. Since 2017, I coordinate the experimental activities of our research group. We are currently performing experiments in wall-bounded turbulence and convective dissolution in porous media.