Gregor Gantner

Gregor Gantner has received his M.Sc. degree in Technical Mathematics in 2014 from TU Wien. He did his Ph.D. on „Optimal Adaptivity for Splines in Finite and Boundary Element Methods“ under the supervision of Prof. Dirk Praetorius. His thesis, which he finished in 2017, was awarded the Dr.-Klaus-Körper Prize of GAMM. Gregor stayed in the work group for two further years to continue his research on isogeometric methods and to investigate adaptive algorithms taking into account iterative (nonlinear) solvers.

In 2019, Gregor has been granted a research project on „Optimal Adaptivity for Space-Time Methods“ from the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). Hosted by Prof. Rob Stevenson, he is pursuing this research at the University of Amsterdam.